Purifications Susanne Liner-Kircher

Presented by Wofgang SCHOPPMANN, curator

Susanne Kircher-Liner builds on her thematic cluster. She deals with brain research 
and layers moments of perception, concerning content as well as painting technique. 
At the same time subject and technique present a Juxtaposition, the parallel flow of 
the individuality, and combine a describing aggregate. 

The large-size paintings, worked out in 2017 (portraits of aggregates), show amongst other things fragments of faces. 

By combination of portraits, painted in layers in unfinished condition, with mineralogical arrangements, an individual aggregate is formed, which makes you think of crystalline mental structures, the thinking that results from all our learning, experience and memory. 

Kircher-Liner plays with combining content with the painting technique, to make 
individual thinking processes visible. In her way of painting, background layers are 
kept open in order to link up the basic mechanisms and results with the front layers. 
So visible surfaces are formed which connect preceding results with the current 

Kircher-Liner also takes up the Juxtaposition by placing the fluid background aside to the solid body. From liquid, physical manifests itself and lies down about the 

The painted portraits of aggregates are accompanied with drawn psychodynamic 
bodies that thematise internal-mental forces as fluide, always variable possibilities. 
Thus an emotion gets a descriptive body. 

Painted perceptual processes and drawn images of psychodynamic bodies, worked 
in acrylic/oil on canvas or graphite/coal on paper, are aggregates of the thinking 
about the thinking.

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