Abstracted#1 Laurent DA SYLVA

Presented by Stephane SIMOENS gallery, Knokke

In a studio where the process of creation is so precise, accurate as it touches the rite, Laurent Da Sylva (France – 1979) develops forms of production which are at the same time detachable products of their space of conception and simultaneously so many testimonies of this space of analysis and restitution of his dumb observations of the time and of the light.
Since this place favored to speculative elaboration of static movements, from his armchair, he develops a work reconciling scientific method and experimentations, playing with programs and graphic protocols in the aim of reporting spatial and atmospheric phenomena such as many representations and experiments of the time. The work in series, the programmatic side, in progress, where the repetitive and cumulative gesture replays the archivist’s registers his approach in a contemporary form of the representation of “the time of nature”.
In a paradoxical tribute, humble and megalomaniac, to the fugacity, Laurent Da Sylva gives to see, without representing in the strict sense, time and space, as a romantic landscape painter, not only by depicting as we cross them in front of us, but also as we travel them by thought ourself…. Resolutely contemplative, deceiving the representation and it subtleties to modify our perception of the time running, the work of Laurent Da Sylva gives itself a contemporary interpretation of the atmospheric romantic landscape.

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